The internet is a wonderful medium to publish/share information and it will grow in usefulness as more ‘people’ participate.
Ease of data access, it is hard to imagine that we ever could do without.

I design web sites as a hobby, The emphasis is on the word hobby as nobody can afford to pay me the real hours I spend on a design.

Because I have no desktop publishing background, much of he work I make is gut feeling. This means adding a pixel here, shifting a bar, a menu, icons, etc. a little bit up or down until it feels right. A page should then look like a pretty picture.

With web site design I like the creativity, the satisfaction when things turn out to like you hoped for. An trying to be flexible with the same (as few as possible) building blocks.

And finally when a site is to my linking and somebody says let me have that, I feel somewhat reluctant to give away a child of mine.

Feel free to browse around and find out what drives me. If your pleasantly surprised, let me know what you think!

Pagina Teller

© 2002 PK