My Guidelines


What are the guidelines I use when designing a web site.

  A web site is more then a commercial brochure.
It should reflect the essence of the company.
Friends, customers, etc. browsing the web site should say; This is typically for “Company”.
In short a web site should have a
  Anybody browsing the web site should find the things where (s)he expects them, no surprises, no deep surgery.
This is called
  A web site should load it pages quickly.
Even with broad(er)band internet
speed is an advantage forever.
  My approach in web site design is a lot of talking with the customer to make sure that we both know all the ins, outs, expectations and obligations.
My customers have to do a lot of home (thinking) work.
  The look and feel is what I call style.
Here my practical experience (and an available house style) will do the trick.
Pagina Teller

© 2002 PK